Are you Planning a Surprise Party?

Getting Married in 2021? Don’t leave it until the January rush to book!!!

There are many great ways to spring a surprise party for someones birthday celebration when they reach special ages such as their 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th etc, or for their retirement party of course. Similarly, a couples wedding anniversary can be a wonderful thing to celebrate especially the more notable anniversaries such as their Silver Wedding Anniversary, Ruby Wedding Anniversary, or Gold Wedding Anniversary. Rhythms has provided the mobile disco, DJ and many happy long lasting memories for all attendees at such functions, covering music tastes ranging from Ballroom and music from the 1940’s right up to the latest chart pop tunes in a wide range of venues in the Wiltshire, Hampshire and Avon areas. Why not let Rhythms be your mobile disco for the surprise party that you’re planning, for a night that everyone will enjoy and remember for all the right reasons.

If So? Rhythms Can Help

Gathering together dozens of photographs of memorable, funny, and treasured moments is a great idea for someones party. Why not avoid all the hassle of ordering poster sized prints then storing, transporting (and keeping secret) large display boards with cherished photos attached, by letting us compile them all in to a non-stop eye-catching display on our large screen running above the disco all night long.

Will there be digital cameras ?

If your family and friends will be bringing their SmartPhones to your event they can send their photos LIVE at your event and add them to a continuously building slide show which will run throughout the night. Very atmospheric !That’s right ! You and your guests could be seeing pictures of your first dance, or you blowing out your candles, or awards being presented etc.. on screen just moments after they happen. You and your guests can share each others memories together, on-screen with the whole room.

Licenced, insured and well connected

Did you know that some entertainers can be turned away by venues if the right licenses are not held by the entertainer. I am happy to provide your venue with supporting paperwork for my £10 Million Public Liability Insurance, Portable Appliance Testing Paperwork and very importantly the recently introduced Pro-Dub licence. I have been a member of both The National Association of DJs (NADJ), and of The South East DJs Association (SEDA) for a number of years.