Dancing in the clouds… and Amazed!

First dance - dancing in the clouds to alone star: Amazed

First dance – dancing in the clouds to alone star: Amazed

Most brides simply feel like they’re on dancing on cloud 9 on their wedding day. However Stephanie & David were really dancing in the clouds last Saturday, to their chosen first dance (Lonestar: Amazed) having choosing to include my new Dancing in the clouds option for their first dance. One of the first Wiltshire couples to have this lovely romantic effect at their wedding, which until recently had been mainly offered at large American weddings, or experienced in West End Theatre productions.

Cheap imitation devices have been around for a while, getting a poor, wispy, noisy, lack-lustre effect by trying to use a couple of trays of home fridge-freezer ice cubes instead of the 10kg per 3 minutes of Dry Ice Pellets which the professional solution requires in order to achieve absolutely beautiful effect. An atmosphere which will feature in Stephanies and David memories, and wedding photographs forever.

Congratulations to Stephanie & David, and thank you to their guests, the audience for helping me make it a great evening at the end of that wonderful day.


The new Mr & Mrs Butler and guests… Dancing in the clouds