Testing One Two, One Two….Testing, testing….

Certificate and tester

My Training certificate and pat tester

Don’t worry, you’ll hear nothing so mundane over the microphone at your event…this is about a different sort of testing, but still something very important for all potential hirers, their guests, their venues… and therefore it’s important to me. Even the smallest disco will use dozens of electrical items to provide you and your guests with music, lights, vocal direction and above all; atmosphere and a great night for all! That goal isnt going to be achievable if equipment is poorly maintained. So, whilst others were taking the plunge in their local swimming pool, or their favourite seaside destination for a fun-filled fortnight…I took the plunge and enrolled in a Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) training course. Since passing with flying colours (95% !!!) on the 19th of August, I’ve invested in my own Electronic PAT testing package. This means that my equipment will not only be testing regularly enough for even the most prestigious venues to allow me to bring my equipment into their buildings, and to maintain my memberships with DJ associations who often require copies of PAT results from their members, but also I’ll be able to test my own equipment and cables freely, even more frequently for my own, and your peace-of-mind.