Music…It’s a huge part of the night…But there’s more…

Thankfully,  the idea of turning up for 7pm and double-clicking on a Play button are far behind us, well except in the under £200-a-disco-startup marketplace perhaps.

Todays modern service-providing DJs and Party Hosts can be expected to offer far far more than just music.  Some of those services are as much creative skills, rather than physical products which any ol’ DJ could buy or rent.  Some things however, are very much a combination of both having the right products, and knowing when and how to use them.

Lighting a room for example:

stars in avon

This room was the venue for a corporate dinner dance, just before Christmas.   The guests would all be sitting at their tables for upwards of three hours, including their meal,  speeches, various presentations etc.  Wildly flashing, strobing throughout those proceedings simply would be way too brash, annoying for the audience.   So, this graceful, slowly rotating lighting scheme worked so much better, giving the audience a superb WOW factor as the entered the room for the first time, then the stars slowly ascended to the ceiling when the hungry audience took their seats, to avoid the lighting shining into anyones eyes during the meal.

Of course, it didn’t have to be stars…company logos, bride and grooms first names, casino themes, or almost any other graphic design.

Atmosphere and ambiance … its like music, for your eyes.