Wedding DJing. A night in doesn’t mean a night off

imageWell, last night was my first Saturday night at home for several weeks. But whilst there was no audience to entertain, there were some finishing touches to the last two weeks weddings to complete… Photo CDs for the two couples.

Its often overlooked that, as a professional DJ, rather than me turning up ‘alf an hour before the evening music is needed, I’ll be there well ahead of time, mostly all day.  That means that I’m there when the venue, function room, tables decorations, floral decor, balloons, signage, table plans, fantastic cake(s), wedding favours etc etc are all looking at their very best (before the guests start moving everything around).  I’m there, and so is my camera, so I get creative, capturing shots that record all your hard decision making and typically, hard work and effort, whilst it’s at its best.

Later of course, as I’m DJ and Party Hosting, I’ll be taking great casual, ad-hoc pictures of your first dance, you and your family and friends enjoying themselves throughout the night.  Typically, between 80 and 120 memory filled moments are captured and are sent wirelessly to the large screen(s) at the dance floor area for all to appreciate.

The perfect utilisation of these unique captured memories however, is that I send a CD of all my photos from your big day, to you a week or so after the event.  This means that you’ll be able to re-live those great times again and again.

Get in contact with me via to find out about the other out-of-the-ordinary ways that I can make your day so much different from run-of-the-mill