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Wedding DJing. A night in doesn’t mean a night off

imageWell, last night was my first Saturday night at home for several weeks. But whilst there was no audience to entertain, there were some finishing touches to the last two weeks weddings to complete… Photo CDs for the two couples.

Its often overlooked that, as a professional DJ, rather than me turning up ‘alf an hour before the evening music is needed, I’ll be there well ahead of time, mostly all day.  That means that I’m there when the venue, function room, tables decorations, floral decor, balloons, signage, table plans, fantastic cake(s), wedding favours etc etc are all looking at their very best (before the guests start moving everything around).  I’m there, and so is my camera, so I get creative, capturing shots that record all your hard decision making and typically, hard work and effort, whilst it’s at its best.

Later of course, as I’m DJ and Party Hosting, I’ll be taking great casual, ad-hoc pictures of your first dance, you and your family and friends enjoying themselves throughout the night.  Typically, between 80 and 120 memory filled moments are captured and are sent wirelessly to the large screen(s) at the dance floor area for all to appreciate.

The perfect utilisation of these unique captured memories however, is that I send a CD of all my photos from your big day, to you a week or so after the event.  This means that you’ll be able to re-live those great times again and again.

Get in contact with me via to find out about the other out-of-the-ordinary ways that I can make your day so much different from run-of-the-mill






Music…It’s a huge part of the night…But there’s more…

Thankfully,  the idea of turning up for 7pm and double-clicking on a Play button are far behind us, well except in the under £200-a-disco-startup marketplace perhaps.

Todays modern service-providing DJs and Party Hosts can be expected to offer far far more than just music.  Some of those services are as much creative skills, rather than physical products which any ol’ DJ could buy or rent.  Some things however, are very much a combination of both having the right products, and knowing when and how to use them.

Lighting a room for example:

stars in avon

This room was the venue for a corporate dinner dance, just before Christmas.   The guests would all be sitting at their tables for upwards of three hours, including their meal,  speeches, various presentations etc.  Wildly flashing, strobing throughout those proceedings simply would be way too brash, annoying for the audience.   So, this graceful, slowly rotating lighting scheme worked so much better, giving the audience a superb WOW factor as the entered the room for the first time, then the stars slowly ascended to the ceiling when the hungry audience took their seats, to avoid the lighting shining into anyones eyes during the meal.

Of course, it didn’t have to be stars…company logos, bride and grooms first names, casino themes, or almost any other graphic design.

Atmosphere and ambiance … its like music, for your eyes.



Testing One Two, One Two….Testing, testing….

Certificate and tester

My Training certificate and pat tester

Don’t worry, you’ll hear nothing so mundane over the microphone at your event…this is about a different sort of testing, but still something very important for all potential hirers, their guests, their venues… and therefore it’s important to me. Even the smallest disco will use dozens of electrical items to provide you and your guests with music, lights, vocal direction and above all; atmosphere and a great night for all! That goal isnt going to be achievable if equipment is poorly maintained. So, whilst others were taking the plunge in their local swimming pool, or their favourite seaside destination for a fun-filled fortnight…I took the plunge and enrolled in a Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) training course. Since passing with flying colours (95% !!!) on the 19th of August, I’ve invested in my own Electronic PAT testing package. This means that my equipment will not only be testing regularly enough for even the most prestigious venues to allow me to bring my equipment into their buildings, and to maintain my memberships with DJ associations who often require copies of PAT results from their members, but also I’ll be able to test my own equipment and cables freely, even more frequently for my own, and your peace-of-mind.


Dancing in the clouds… and Amazed!

First dance - dancing in the clouds to alone star: Amazed

First dance – dancing in the clouds to alone star: Amazed

Most brides simply feel like they’re on dancing on cloud 9 on their wedding day. However Stephanie & David were really dancing in the clouds last Saturday, to their chosen first dance (Lonestar: Amazed) having choosing to include my new Dancing in the clouds option for their first dance. One of the first Wiltshire couples to have this lovely romantic effect at their wedding, which until recently had been mainly offered at large American weddings, or experienced in West End Theatre productions.

Cheap imitation devices have been around for a while, getting a poor, wispy, noisy, lack-lustre effect by trying to use a couple of trays of home fridge-freezer ice cubes instead of the 10kg per 3 minutes of Dry Ice Pellets which the professional solution requires in order to achieve absolutely beautiful effect. An atmosphere which will feature in Stephanies and David memories, and wedding photographs forever.

Congratulations to Stephanie & David, and thank you to their guests, the audience for helping me make it a great evening at the end of that wonderful day.


The new Mr & Mrs Butler and guests… Dancing in the clouds

How long will I love you?

photo 2This beautiful track from Ellie Goulding was the song chosen by Charlotte and Thomas, who celebrated their wedding day and the first day of their marriage yesterday, at the lovely Angel Hotel in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Charlotte and Thomas had elected to provide a request list of songs which they felt their wedding guests would enjoy dancing to and this list was complimented by the guests filling out the request slips which I provide and by the guests texting their requests in to me throughout the night. A great time was had by all, judging by the number of people calling for “just one more please” at the end of the night.

I took just over 100 candid photos last night, which were displayed live on the large screen adjacent to the dance floor throughout the evening, and are now with Charlotte & Thomas on a photo CD. Some of the photos were of the beautifully decorated room, table decorations and the wedding cake, but of course the majority of the photos were of Charlotte & Thomas and their family and friends dancing, singing, laughing and making long lasting memories for all who attended.

I wish Charlotte & Thomas the very best for the future. Thank you for choosing Rhythms (me) as your Wedding DJ.

Happy Valentines Day?

Well Valentines day was yesterday, by 30 minutes! How did it go for you? To be honest, I am wondering, if you’re reading this blog, with Valentines day only just finished half an hour ago, maybe it didn’t go too well.

After all, if Valentines day went well, you should be either on your way back home after a stunningly romantic night out with your partner, or still accompanied by that partner.

Or, were you just curled up on the sofa all evening, with a tub of ice cream, a bottle of wine, and a Bridget Jones movie playing on the TV?

Perhaps your lover popped the question? Is there the sound of wedding bells in the air for you for 2015? 2016? even 2017? Is your mind swimming with thoughts of Brides, Grooms, Wedding music, guests, and great entertainment all mixing together to create great memories?

Its well worthwhile booking your Wedding DJ or Wedding Disco as soon as you’ve got a date.

Also, within reason, dont wait until you’ve chosen your venue before booking your wedding disco and DJ. As a modern and professional Wedding disco, Rhythms is able to adapt perfectly to almost any venue, including more lighting and sound equipment as required, but still keeping your wedding as unique and special as you always dreamt that it would be, and should be.