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Happy Valentines Day?

Well Valentines day was yesterday, by 30 minutes! How did it go for you? To be honest, I am wondering, if you’re reading this blog, with Valentines day only just finished half an hour ago, maybe it didn’t go too well.

After all, if Valentines day went well, you should be either on your way back home after a stunningly romantic night out with your partner, or still accompanied by that partner.

Or, were you just curled up on the sofa all evening, with a tub of ice cream, a bottle of wine, and a Bridget Jones movie playing on the TV?

Perhaps your lover popped the question? Is there the sound of wedding bells in the air for you for 2015? 2016? even 2017? Is your mind swimming with thoughts of Brides, Grooms, Wedding music, guests, and great entertainment all mixing together to create great memories?

Its well worthwhile booking your Wedding DJ or Wedding Disco as soon as you’ve got a date.

Also, within reason, dont wait until you’ve chosen your venue before booking your wedding disco and DJ. As a modern and professional Wedding disco, Rhythms is able to adapt perfectly to almost any venue, including more lighting and sound equipment as required, but still keeping your wedding as unique and special as you always dreamt that it would be, and should be.