Civil Ceremonies: Wedding DJ and Disco Entertainment in Surrey

I can help you with many of the hurdles associated with Civil Ceremony Music – Ask me how.

Civil Ceremony

If you’re having a Civil Ceremony, you’re probably already well aware that it is the first “deep breath” moment of your big day, accompanied by two racing heartbeats. Breathe… let me help, and let me make each of the three stages absolutely perfect for you and your guests. Some sources may tell you that there are two key pieces of music, others may tell you that you need three pieces. What about the fourth piece of music? (ask me) For the groom, it’s possibly the most important piece of music of the day. Whether you’ve chosen your music for the Processional, Recessional, Document signing etc, or would appreciate guidance on music selection (there are certain restrictions), I’m more than happy, and capable to assist.

Have you thought that you’d found the “perfect” track to walk down the aisle to (Your processional music) but later found that the music will run out before you’ve gracefully glided through the arch, turned the corner, carefully descended the carpeted steps with bridesmaids assisting with your bridal train… or perhaps the music doesn’t reach “the good bit” until 30 seconds after you think you’ll be reaching the end of the aisle My music and expertise with music production can help in a considerable way here also. I can extend, edit and otherwise manipulate most pieces of music to your requirements, not only in terms of timing, but also with rises, falls and re-rises of volume for dramatic effect. All this would be created pre-event, often weeks, if not months before the event – never left until the day.

I’ve considerable experience with both indoor and outdoor civil ceremonies, which will benefit you as I provide both the right equipment, music and experience to make it happen the way that you want and need it to happen. I can also provide discreet cordless microphones for the registrar, and all those needing to be heard during the ceremony, which is especially useful if your ceremony is in a particularly large venue. I’ve also experience of ensuring that any live musicians you may have playing during any part of the ceremony, can also be heard by all present – even over the top of the your best friends new born son exercising his lungs at full volume!

Your ceremony music can, of course, be complimented either discreetly, or lavishly with other production features. Cordless mood lighting can make even the most decorative of rooms more perfect by taking on your bridal theme colour(s). Of course, if you really want to make an entrance to make all other entrances seem second place…ask me how.