Your DJ: Wedding DJ and Disco Entertainment in Surrey

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Your DJ, Gary

Hi, I’m Gary and if you book me, you’ll get… Me. If you’re new to booking a professional entertainer, that may sound really odd – as if you tell Supplier A “We want you”, you dont expect Supplier B to turn up on the day. Sadly, however, there an increasing number of such occasions being reported. Whilst I am a member of the UK’s two main DJ associations, I’m not part of an Agency or “gang” of DJ mates who may pass bookings around between themselves, hence my promise that if you book me, you’ll get me.

Ok, so with that promise in place. Why would you book me? Let’s explore that…

Well hopefully, you’ve already dismissed the ideas of just having a MP3 player or homemade CDs as those options cant replace the eyes, crowd reading reactions and experience of a person focusing on the entertainment of your guests. With non-stop entertainment in mind, you’ve hopefully already dismissed having a band also. For whilst live sound can be infusing, a band offering to perform the common two 1 hour music sessions separated by a half hour break for lubrication, means that only half your night is covered for entertainment.

Less obviously, whilst a mate-of-a-mate might offer to bring their “DJ” equipment from their bedroom and “do” your wedding for you, or a local pub DJ might offer his/her services, there’s a huge gap between the sort of equipment, music and experience that they would have, and what would be needed for a professional function. Also, in a weekly pub gig, if it doesn’t go right, or some equipment fails on them, there’s always next week; which isn’t a viable option for a once in a lifetime function.

Having enjoyed DJing for over twenty years, I apply the huge amount of experience gained from DJing at over two thousand functions, including hundreds of weddings, to every event I host. However, I’ve also significantly boosted “live” experience with practical learning by attending various specialist courses around the UK, dedicated to DJing, public speaking, weddings, event planning and many other professional and very beneficial training and networking opportunities.

Putting you, the client and your wishes first, my love and knowledge of a huge variety of music means that you and your guests hear the music that you and they want. No preset, double-clicked on playlists here. No gaps either, I have a well practiced desire in seamlessly blending (mixing) each music track into the next, meaning that you and your guests dont have to endure silent gaps or over-use of the microphone, track after track – This distinction, from many cliche mobile DJs, all goes to keep the party atmosphere rolling on.

I understand that a great function, remembered by all, for all the RIGHT reasons, doesn’t just happen; It needs preparation, which is why I would recommend meeting yourselves before the event to cover all the key details and model the days and evening events to your ideals. It all adds to the smooth flowing, as does my carrying of back up equipment for those “Plan B” moments to ensure the party doesn’t stop just because Great Aunty Marge knocked her drink over in the wrong place. As a very practical example, when I start off a Bride & Grooms first dance, or a key speakers entrance music, I actually start two copies of the same track, on two different playback devices. That way, if one fails for any reason, I can instantly switch to the other source – The big entrance (and the show) goes on!

The differences dont stop there…where the audience is out for a great time, and optionally, in keeping wth your own ideals, I can apply my own sense of fun and interaction to the events, including having a eclectic selection of music style props including hats, wigs, inflatable musical instruments for use by both myself and the revellers on the dancefloor.

The above information will hopefully have given you insight to some of the depths There are more great ideas to add that “wow factor” to your event. Please call me or email me to discuss how I can make your event match your dreams.